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woensdag 8 februari 2017

Salute to Loretta Lynn

The Americana Music Association will bring a Salute to Loretta Lynn on sat. Feb. 11th In West Hollywood.

Joe Henry is 1 of the confirmed acts.

source and more info

Tickets go on sale on Febr. 10th at this site. .

Update l3 Februari 2017 : Joe Played 'The Whispering Sea' (source)

JH on this event : (From the LA Times)

“I am honored beyond measure to be invited to participate; as she occupies a singular place in the hearts of those of us who strive to be singular as songwriters, while also staying joined to the root system of American folk tradition."

“Loretta emerged with a do-it-yourself ethos that anticipated the emancipation of the songwriter in the ‘60s and beyond --deftly writing her own material when few of her contemporaries tended to, and owning a sharp and very personal point of view"

“When you heard her, you couldn’t miss that she was mining her own life for the stories her songs amplified; and they were as cunning and brazen as they were charming and seductive; as funny as they were heartbreaking,” he continued. “She was elegant and soulful, yet invariably as folksy as the hollow from which she sprang.”
“It’s no small thing that she still stands here in our midst: reverent of her times, yet clearly open to all else they might invite going forward,”

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