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woensdag 7 december 2016

Congratulations Ryan and Kim !

The Grammy nominees for 2017 are announced.

In the category 'Best Engineered album, Non Classical', 1 of the nominations was for Dig in Deep, by Bonnie Raitt.
Engineer : Ryan Freeland
Mastering : Kim Rosen

This fact alone is already an acknowledgement for them, so : congratulaions !

Joe Henry produced 1 track on this album, and he played guitar on that song (You've changed my mind).

Those of you following Joe's career know that Ryan is Joe's right hand in the studio, but I don't know if everyone is aware that also Kim Rosen is a returning name, when it comes to Joe's studiowork.
She  mastered almost every album Joe produced for a while now. (Chely Wright, Shine a light, Birds of Chicago, ...)

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