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dinsdag 1 november 2016

Dorado; Son of the Velvet Rat

The Revue has more info on the upcoming album by Son of the Velvet Rat.
Edit November 2nd : Some of the info on The Revue is not correct. Lucinda Williams does NOT appear on the album. It is another Williams : Victoria Williams. 

The album will be entitled Dorado, and is expected early next year.

The founding members (vocalist Georg Altziebler and his wife, Heike Binder) now live in California, and their new album, Dorado, is due out early next year. It features their frequent collaborator, American folk legend Lucinda Williams.  (the track) “Blood Red Shoes”, with Victoria Williams as guest artist, is full of aching tenderness that will appeal to fans of Leonard Cohen and the raw edginess of Tom Waits. This music begs for an uninterrupted listening session, perhaps in front of a fire while sipping a fine whiskey. (source)

You can stream the songs on their soundcloud. I will leave you with "Blood Red Shoes"
P.S. : I'm officially excited

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