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vrijdag 8 januari 2016

JH Producing Luísa Sobral

Joe is back in the studio working on a new Production project.

Portuguese artist Luísa Sobral started recording her 4th album in LA, and approached Joe as a producer.

Joe Henry :
"In my job as a producer, I receive a lot of new music to hear and evaluate; and as diligent as I try to be to give all its due, I find more than not that I know within moments if the songs are truly speaking to me, and whether or not I have something to offer them in return.
Such was the case when I was first approached about working with Luisa Sobral: I was barely a verse into the first song demo that I heard when I knew that I wanted to work with her, and would if invited. I heard a fully-formed songwriter at work, and knew too that she was fully committed to the process, possessing both a point of view, and an open-hearted, collaborative spirit.
I don't need much else to go on. Songs are always the compass blade pointing the way forward; and when the artist is invested in following that direction, I know that real discovery is possible. And discovery is whole game where music is concerned." (source)

Source : FB page Luisa Sobral

Here is a song from her debut album, released in 2014.

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