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zaterdag 13 juni 2015

'American Originals' recordings to be released.

'American Originals'  was a concert by cincinnati pops featuring several artists (including Joe) on 23,24 and 25 January 2015.

More info on the concerts over here.

These concerts were recorded, and will be released on  september 11, 2015 .
Joe's renditions of 'Oh Susannah', and 'Aura Lee' are featured on it. He also contributed vocals on the finishing track 'Campton Races'.

Pre-Listen Rosanne Cash's version of Old Kentucky Home on SoundCloud.

This is the track list of the album :

1) Oh Susannah (Joe Henry)
2) Jeanie with the light brow hair (Aoife O'Donovan & Karin Berquist)
3) My Old Kentucky Home (Rosanne Cash)
4) Amazing Grace (Aoife O'Donovan & the Comet Bluegrass All-stars)
5) Rolling river : Sketches on Shenandoah
6) Why, no one to love ? (Over The Rhine)
7) Old Folks at Home (Dom Flemons)
8) Kumbaya (Timothy Lees, Kathryn Wooley, Gabriel Pegis, Scott Mozlin & Richard Jenssen)
9) Slumber my darling (Aoife O'Donovan)
10) Aura Lee (Joe Henry & Ed Cunningham)
11) Foster's Folly
12) Ring, Ring the Banjo (Dom Flemons)
13) Red River Valley (Comet Bluegrass All-stars)
14) The Battle Cry of Freedom
15) Beautiful Dreamer (Rosanne Cash)
16) Hard times come again no more (Over the Rhine)
17) Campton Races (all featured artists)

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