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vrijdag 1 mei 2015

Joe Henry to perform at 'Celebrate Brooklyn!'

On July 18, Joe Henry will open for Rhiannon Giddens at Prospect Park Bandshell.  Brooklyn, NY.
 This concert is a free event. Find more info over here.

Joe and Rhiannon know each other for several years now, and have worked together on numerous occasions.  my guess is more wonderful colaborations will follow.

Rhiannon Giddens just released a fantastic album, 'Tomorrow is my turn'.

Edit June 17,2015
Joe Henry will be joined by the following band :
Jay Bellerose : Drums
David Mansfield : strings
Levon Henry : Multiple instruments
Ross Gallagher : Upright Bass
Marc Ribot : Electric Guitar

Go and enjoy.

May I dream, (off course I may), of them touring Europe as a double act ?


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