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woensdag 4 februari 2015

There is a time to move forward.....

In, to my opinion, 1 of Joe Henry's most stunning facebook posts, Joe announced that he, and his family, will be leaving the Garfield House, thus also his basement studio. 

First of all, I'll quote fellow blogger David : I’ll let you read his heartfelt words and ponder them in due course.

I've always felt moving to somewhere is an exciting time : leaving the familiar, searching the new. But when reading that post, I first felt a little sad. "Oh No!" Was my first reaction, and it were the first little words of the little post I replied to the announcement. 

I kept on thinking about it all evening and morning. 
You see, I have no direct connection to the house. I've never been there, although I must admit I dreamed of 1 day visiting it, if only for 0,5 hour to absorb the place were all this great music gets made. 

Why do I react so strongly then to this news? I guess it are the stories told, mostly by Joe. He always knows how to use the most powerful, and wonderfully chosen words. 

His storytelling brought to me, and probably many others, the image of the Garfield House alive, and he speaks about it with so much warmth, that I think it was probably not the easiest decision to make for them.

The music made over there is forever and the memories they build together will always be theirs. 

And now the time has come to move forward. New places, new smells, new views, new experiences,… a new 'Home'. 

I wish Joe and his family the best of times to come, and look forward to hearing his new stories.


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