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donderdag 29 januari 2015

Support a new JH produced project !

Over the last few years, small bands tend to make use of crowdfunding to get their music funded.
Kickstarter is 1 of the most familiar organisations for musicians.

Now this way of funding has reached also to a project involving Joe Henry.

Birds of Chicago want to record their second studio album, and it would be a dream come true, if Joe would produce the next album. The album will be called 'Real Midnight'

"...When it came time to choose a producer, there was always one name at the top of the dream lists we scratched out in various coffee houses and bars:  Joe Henry…"

And together with Joe Henry, off course, there is also....

"...we knew Joe would be perfect for us… We are incredibly thrilled and honoured to be working with him and engineer extraordinaire, Ryan Freeland..."

Recordings are planned to be done beginning of february, and alongside the band : Jay Bellerose, and Patrick Warren will play, and maybe also.....

"...The first week of February, the Birds of Chicago family will be camped in South Pasadena recording our 2nd studio album, Real Midnight.  Our band will consist of the BOC names you’ve come to know - Chris Merrill, Drew Lindsay, Dan Abu-Absi, Michelle McGrath, Joe Faulhaber, Nick Chambers... We are also very excited to be working with two of Joe Henry's musical family - the great Jay Bellerose on drums and percussion, and Patrick Warren on organ. There may also be a surprise guest or two..."

Help them out with their Kickstartercampaign

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