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vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Tom Jones speaks about 'The wexford Carols'

Last summer, Joe, together with long time collaborator Ryan Freeland, were in Ireland to record a Christmas album for Caitríona O'leary and her friends.  (Read more info over here) .

Sir Tom Jones (who appears on the album) speaks about it in an interview.

"....Then I was told that Joe Henry was producing,...  so I thought : well it's got to be interesting...."

At the end of the interview we get to see also the artwork of the album.
After hearing the featured song in this interview, and the story Mr Jones gives us, I'm getting more and more convinced it's going to be a 'must have' christmas album.

So it's pretty sure, this will be spinning around over here in a while.
Anyway, again thanks to Joe Henry I got to learn another great talent : Caitríona O'leary.


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