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donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Joe Henry's favorite records

Belgian radioshow 'Exit' on Radio 1 invited Joe Henry as a guest to talk about some of his favorite records. It was a wonderful show.

Sit down and relax for an hour and listen to the show over here. Don't worry if you don't speak Dutch, In between songs there is only a small introduction, but for the rest they offer the microphone to Joe. It's truly wonderful to hear him speak about these records, and these artists. Also some anecdotes, f.e. on meeting Bob Dylan and Levon Helm.

These are the records Joe talks about.

  • Bob Dylan : Highway 61 revisited                       
  • Van Morrison : Astral Weeks                                 
  • Woody Guthrie :  Library of congress recordings    
  • Robert Johnson : King of the delta blues singers     
  • Charles Mingus : Blues’n roots                            
  • Ray Charles : The Genius sings the blues                
  • Sly and the family stone : There is a riot going on   
  • Randy Newman : Good old boys                           
  • The band : Music from big Pink.                           

In the hour before the JH Special we already had a little fragment of Joe talking about Leadbelly. Listen to that story over here at approx. 1:12:20 H  

Here is a list of the featured songs.
  • Bob Dylan : Highway 61 revisited
  • Van Morrison : Madame George
  • Woody Guthrie : Pretty boy Floyd
  • Robert Johnson : 32-20 Blues
  • Charles Mingus : Wednesday night prayer meeting
  • Ray Charles : Night time is the right time
  • Sly and the family stone : Thank you (Falettinme be Mice elf again
  • Randy Newman : Wedding in Cherokee county
  • The band : This Wheel's on Fire

  • Leadbelly : Where Did You Sleep Last Night

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