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zaterdag 26 juli 2014

The new Rodney Crowell-Emmylou Harris duet album

Triple R radio Melbourne spoke to Joe Henry on the Phone while he was in Nashville to record The new Rodney Crowell-Emmylou Harris duet album.

He spoke briefly about this recording :

a couple of things :
- most of the songs are newly written
- it was recorded live in 1 room
- recordings took place at Sound Emporium
- They recorded mostly with their touringband

Listen to it as of approx. 1:25:00 over here.

Update July 31

Rodney Crowell gave us a view on his July month on TwitLonger

Quote :
The first day of July 2014, Emmylou Harris and I picked up where we left off writing songs for a new duet album. A few days later, Billy Payne and Joe Henry joined Emmylou, myself and Glory Band in a Nashville recording studio. Steuart Smith dropped in for a few days, as did Larry Franklin. And in a week’s time, the album was close to finished. With Joe at the helm and Justin Niebank manning the recording desk, Jerry Roe, Byron House, Jedd Hughes, Steve Fishell, Chris Tuttle and the abovementioned guest musicians made Emmy’s job and mine---singing in tune and with honest conviction---a relatively simple task. The plan is to reconvene for a couple of days in October and complete the record.

Interview ABC net september 5

read the full interview  here 

Update November 1

Rodney put the following message on his Facebook about all the things that where on his agenda, this last month. 

...Two days later, Emmylou and I, along with our producer Joe Henry and a studio band featuring Steuart Smith, Jerry Roe, Byron House, Chris Scruggs and Larry Franklin, were back in the studio recording a song that would complete our follow-up duet record. Damn fine record, I must say...

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