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Production 2016


Birds of Chicago, Real Midnight

Released 19 February 2016

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My thoughts on 'Real Midnight'
A Conversation with BOC

Carll Hayes, Lovers and Leavers

Released April 8, 2016

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Allen Toussaint,American Tunes

 released : June 10, 2016

Chely wright, I am the rain

Releasedate : September 9, 2016

Luísa Sobral : Luísa

Released in Portugal on November 18th. (no further releasedates set.)


Co-production is used in a verry broad sense. Here it displays all the  albums where Joe produced a part of the album, no matter how much he was involved. Producing the entire album together with someone else, producing a few songs, or just one,....  

Aimee Mann

  for HBO series vinyl. see here.

Bonnie Raitt, Dig in Deep

Released in February 2016

Joe produced and wrote the song "You've changed my mind". He also played acoustic guitar.

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